Why PM is the job you might want to consider if you’re business minded, technologically savvy and customer empathetic.

I’ve had a great career.

I’ve worked not just for companies and managers I’ve admired, but I’ve gotten to work with a lot of awesome products and in many exciting parts…

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AI can, and should, be used for maintaining and promoting global health in various ways. With enough social and political will we can enable a new era of AI that brings well being to communities that need it most.

I’ve often marveled at the ways AI can be used for good. The phrase itself, “AI for good” is ubiquitous in so many circles. People with data science, machine learning and deep learning skills that want to make a difference in our world eagerly look for ways they can apply…

Mental health, diversity and conversational AI has been on the brain for me a lot lately. What started as a passion project for a friend and I has turned into a full fledged product we’re massively proud of-more on that soon. But given my own journey into the wonderfully elusive…

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to moderate an event with Jaclyn Rice Nelson, co-founder of Tribe AI, a community of top machine learning engineers and data scientists who partner with companies to build impactful AI solutions.

Photo by Women in AI

This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. As the social contract between employees and businesses keeps changing, particularly in these dizzying pandemic times, I love that organizations like Tribe are starting to pop up. Given their focus on community, diversity, and life optimization, I felt it…

A Discussion with Debi Stack, AI VIP

I’ve had the immense privilege, during the course of the last year, of organizing and moderating events with women in various capacities within AI and Data Science fields through my work with Women in AI and Women in Data. …

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My first loves were international relations, economics and politics. I grew up around cigar smoking patriarchs that talked at length about the US, Russia, China and all the innovations, wars, conflicts and progress in between. I marveled at our global world and I was fascinated by where influence originated and…


Article from Gesture blog can be found here.

We recently welcomed data scientist Irene Bratsis at Gesture and we’re starting the new year with revamping our data analytics and data science processes. …

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As I prepare for the Amplifying Her Voice event on International Women’s Day hosted by The State of Women Institute (its a three day event!

Between the proliferation of data science, analytics and data transformation, many businesses are wising up to the trends that stand to set them apart from their competitors.

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Companies are beginning the journey toward becoming data driven and by the end of the decade, every industry will be driven by some form of automation and adoption of artificial intelligence. But how does a company go from being data savvy to data driven to an industry leader that fully harnesses AI?

Enter the data maturity curve!

Before you can run you walk and before you walk you crawl. The data maturity curve allows you to make smarter decisions about how to get to the next level in being able to leverage all the fun AI and ML tools you read about. Whether you’re at the beginning…

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Creating and crafting data science projects that have staying power and impact business value is a central focus for our data science team at Gesture and we aim to refine our commitment to creating a data driven environment continuously.

With Valentines Day on the horizon, we thought we would share some love with our broader data community and share some of the best practices that have worked for us. This is a tricky road to navigate for a lot of data science and analytics teams: how do we create…

Irene Bratsis

Women in Data NYC Chapter Co-Lead, Boston Lead; Women in AI speaker and partner outreach; Women in Trusted AI; Data Scientist Machine Learning Engineer; Artist

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